Is Resin Waterproof
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We need to know if our 3D printing projects are ready for outdoor fun, and the answer lies in that mysterious material called resin. Let’s dive into its waterproof properties – so grab your snorkel (and maybe a towel) as we explore this fascinating topic! In this blog post, we’ll discuss the properties of resin and what makes it waterproof or non-waterproof.  

What is Resin? 

Who could’ve known that a curing process using UV light would result in such an incredible material? Well, the resin has done just that – created something strong and durable enough to use for signage or art installations even if they might get subjected to moisture! And its ability to produce detailed prints with smooth surfaces makes it the ultimate printing hero.

Water Resistance vs. Waterproof 

Water resistance isn’t foolproof- it can only handle a light sprinkle. But if you want your project to stay soggy-resistant, go with waterproofing! Then no matter how hard the rain comes down, your prints will be able to withstand the wet weather and remain unscathed for years. Now that’s something worth making a splash about!

Water Resistance of Resin 

Resin is known for having a hardy resistance to the elements, but it’s not indestructible – like an X-Man! It may look tough on the surface, but prolonged exposure to UV rays and extreme temperatures can turn this superhero into just a regular dude. And if you’re thinking about using flexible resin around water – don’t do it unless you want your masterpiece warping faster than Wolverine when someone calls him “bub.”

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Is Resin Waterproof

Resin is like a superhero – it’s waterproof, ultra-resistant to UV light, and even fights warping caused by moisture! What`s not to love about this plastic? It seems nothing can stop its protective properties from keeping your belongings safe.

Test Sampling Result: Is Resin Waterproof

With Art Resin

The results of our testing showed that Art Resin is indeed waterproof. We dropped a sample print into a beaker filled with water and it remained intact after 1 hour, indicating that the resin had successfully sealed the print and prevented any moisture from seeping in.

Deep Pour Resin

After a grueling hour-long swim in an intense beaker of water, this type of resin still came out with nothing but flying colors!

Epoxy Putty

After taking the plunge, it turns out that epoxy putty is a surefire way to make your prints waterproof! We submerged one in water for an hour and – lo-and-behold – not even H2O could dampen its spirit. All joking aside, we’re confident this little hero will keep you printing dry as a bone no matter the weather!


We found that UV-resin is waterproof. The sample print stayed the same after one hour in water. This means that the resin can protect the print from water damage. We tested different types of resin and they are all waterproof, including Art Resin, Deep Pour Resin, Epoxy Putty, and UV-Resin. You can use these materials for outdoor projects without worrying about damage to your prints.

How Long Before Resin is Waterproof?

 The amount of time it takes before resin is considered to be waterproof depends on the type of resin used and how it has been cured. Generally, most resins will reach a state of water resistance within 24 hours after curing and can become waterproof in as little as 72 hours – although this may vary depending on the specific brand and type of resin used.

What about Chalking?

While standard resins may promise a long-lasting project, beware of chalking! Out in the bright sun, the lower-quality resin can become bleached and grey like an old sidewalk. To make sure your outdoor creation retains its vibrant glory over time, be sure to use high-grade stuff specifically made for outside — it’s key to keeping that color popping even after years of wear and tear.

Is Hardened Resin Waterproof?

Resin is more powerful than a speeding bullet! In its dried and hardened form, it can stand up to any foe – even water. So don’t underestimate your enemies: UV resin, liquid epoxy putty or normal glue should all be treated like super-charged superheroes if you want them to become truly indestructible (just don’t expect them to save the day). What if you miss out during the drying stage? We may as well just give up now… those water molecules will dominate in no time at all!

Does Epoxy Make Wood Waterproof?

Yes, epoxy can make wood waterproof. It will stick to the wood and create a layer that does not let water through. But this should only be used on outdoor projects or things that always get wet. For example, things inside the house like decorative finishes, and other sealants may work better. Epoxy also protects against UV rays and chemical damage. So it is good to use for outdoor furniture or decking projects.

Care and Maintenance of Resin Prints 

Resins are strong, but they need some care. For example, if you want to use your prints outdoors, it is best to put a sealant or coating on them after printing. This will help protect them from water and other things. Also, do not store your prints in direct sunlight or in a place that is very hot. This can make the resin break easily over time.


When it comes to 3D printing projects, resin is your friend. This ultra-water-resistant material can handle moisture like a champ – just make sure you give it an extra layer of protection with some sealant or coating! A few other precautions are important too – keep those prints away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures for optimal life span survival. Want more info? Get in touch today – we’re here to help!

Is Resin Waterproof? An In-Depth Look at Resin

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